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i like penguins and other things you can find here ... yep
i was on a steam chat with my friend brandon we we eventualy did a roleplay if team RWBY and team JNPR from RWBY were to crossover with doctor who all rigths go to respective owners

joller123what if team rwby and jnpr find the tardis
ninjazthey would wonder what is a polise box and what's it doing in x location
joller123then they encounter the doctor
ninjazthink what a strange man
joller123then thet enter the tardis
ninjaznora: "it' smaller on the outside"
joller123doctor: well at least you said it differently, finally some variety
ninjazwhis(i forgot how to spell her name): wow what kind of dust did you use to make this place
joller123doctor: the tardis is not made of dead skin cells
ninjazwhis: not that kind of dust
joller123doctor: there's no other dust
ninjazruby: this kind *holds up bottle of red dust* *drops said bottle then explosion happens* *0.0* ooops sorry
ninjazwhis: *DX* RUBY!
joller123docotr: dont worry happens all the time
ninjazwhis: ya but dust is in short supply these days
joller123doctor: huh, don't worry wou'll all recover in a few decades
joller123doctor: huh, don't worry wou'll all recover in a few decades
ninjazwhis: how do you know?
ninjazblake; and who exactly are you
joller123doctor: i'm an adventurer, and i'm on an adventur through time and space, you may call me the doctor
ninjazyang: sounds intresting mind if we tagalong
joller123doctor: not at all, where does everyone want to go
ninjazyang: (insert date-)
joller123doctor: here we go
Fri Jul 17 2015
ninjazruby: (interrups yang) where the best cookies are
joller123doctor: that would be on earth because cookies are earth exclusive
joller123doctor: that would be on earth because cookies are earth exclusive
joller123ruby: i refuse to beleive that
ninjazperia: there are other worlds then Remnant
ninjazjaune: wow
ninjazren: hm
joller123docotr: let's go to tatooin the desert planet (from star wars)
ninjazWeiss: sounds a bit too hot
ninjazRuby: the cookies...
joller123the doctor: alanzy
ninjazboth teams: *looks of amazement
joller123doctor: welcome
joller123doctor: what do you think
ninjazJaune: wow how in Remnant did you do this
ninjazweiss: doesn't look that special
joller123doctor: you can thank the tardis, my spaceship, my timemachine, and my home
ninjazall: wow
ninjazyang: sounds fun
joller123doctor: yes she's a beauty
ninjazweiss; how did you build this, when did you build this
joller123doctor: i didn't exactly build it, and i acn't remember...centuries
ninjazweiss: then who did
joller123doctor: my people, the time lords
ninjazblake: time lords?
ninjazren; like gods of time?
joller123doctor: we're like humans except we have a lower body temperature, two hearts, and we are virualy immortal
ninjazweiss; two hearts
joller123doctor: and everytime i deo i regenerate into a new body
ninjazBlake: so your people are like the lizard version of faunus if they were to exsist
joller123doctor: i'm sorry what
ninjazblake: faunus you know *unties bow revealing her cat ears* my people
joller123doctor: have cat have cat ears....
ninjazblake: *blushes in embarrassment* um maybe this was a mistake *starts to tie on bow*
joller123doctor: how do you have cat ears
ninjazblake i was born with them sorry to freak you out
joller123doctor: that's amazing
ninjazBlake: oh *takes off bow*
joller123doctor: do the rest of you have secret cat ears
ninjazyang: just our good friend here
ninjazren: but there are others
joller123doctor: very interest- *BOOM*
ninjazblake: ya most-
joller123doctor: oh no
ninjazyang: finally some adventure
ninjazcome on
joller123doctor: it's the daleks
ninjazPyrrha: wait
joller123ruby: what are the daleks
ninjazyang: *stops* what
ninjaz(gtg i have to go to sleep)
joller123doctor: the daleks are the worst things to come from the universe, all they want is to destroy
joller123doctor: or in their case "EXTERMINATE"
ninjaz(well this is an awkword spot to stop at)
joller123to be continued
ninjazand nice cliiff hanger

just something i wanted to share

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